Louisville Cardinals Leaving Big East Conference for ACC

By Joseph Nardone

So what exactly is Mike Aresco‘s plans for the Big East Conference? A day after announcing that something called the Tulane Green Wave and the East Carolina Pirates are going to join the conference, the Big East loses yet another productive program in the Louisville Cardinals. The funny thing about this whole ACC raiding of the Big East situation is that nobody seems to care that the conference is evaporating on every level.

The ACC had its choice of multiple Big East programs but handpicked the Cardinals because they felt they could grab other programs at a later date. That is code word for “We are nitpicking the remains from the corpse of what used to be a good conference.”

I would love to recap all the movement that has gone on in conference realignment, or even just in the Big East, but by the time this article is published the chances of it being the same are slim. The movement of programs from one conference to another has become fast and ruthless. Every team of any kind of relevance is trying to get a seat at the “Power Conferences” table. However, the Big East is quickly losing any credibility it had left as a major conference. Who would have thought the day would come when a team going from Conference USA to the Big East would actually be a lateral move.

While the additions of previous teams to the Big East could at least be explained as getting big markets, the additions of Tulane and East Carolina are leaving many to scratch their collective heads. If the goal is to become irrelevant, than Aresco is doing a job worthy of a raise.

Keep an eye out for more teams trying to bail on the drowning Big East. More importantly, soon as the conference starts to lose basketball only programs that’s when we will know it’s over for the conference as a whole. Football brings the conference money but all they have left in credibility is their basketball league which is quickly becoming a mess.

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