Louisville Joining ACC Will Make It the Best Basketball Conference in the Country

By Dave Daniels
US PRESSWIRE- Richard Mackson

Well, this definitely isn’t your grandfather’s Atlantic Coast Conference anymore.

In the wake of Maryland leaving for the Big Ten, Louisville will be taking Maryland’s place in the conference.

“When you look at Louisville, you see a university and an athletic program that has all the arrows pointed up — a tremendous uptick there, tremendous energy,” ACC commissioner John Swofford said. “It’s always an overall fit in every respect and I think that’s what we found.”

Energy is one word for it, and for basketball, “Hall of Fame coaches” is another phrase for it. I currently count four Hall of Fame bound head coaches that will be coaching in conference.

Think of all the coaching legends now part of the ACC. You have Roy Williams, Coach K, Jim Boeheim, and now Rick Pitino of all people. Conference play is going to be a bear to get through and I don’t think we will see an undefeated conference record anytime in the near future. My prediction? This move makes the ACC the best basketball conference in the country hands down.

Louisville joins Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Notre Dame as teams that will be joining the ACC in 2014.

I’ve not been a fan of most of all this conference switching going on, but as a basketball fan I cannot help but feel excited about the ACC’s potential as a basketball conference now. Granted most of these moves were about football more than anything else. But it sure did have a nice side effect for ACC basketball.

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