Louisville to Join ACC

By Marc Jenkins
ACC Adding Louisville
Bob Donnan-US Presswire

The ACC‘s presidents and chancellors decided on Wednesday to allow the Louisville Cardinals to join their conference in 2014 once the Maryland Terrapins leave for the Big Ten.

Louisville will become the sixth school from the Big East to bolt to the ACC since all of the crazy conference realigning has been going on over the last decade. The Cardinals are expected to join the ACC  immediately in 2014 despite the Big East requiring a $10 million exit fee and a 27-month notice given to the league because many believe that Louisville will pay a higher exit fee to expedite the process.

According to sources with knowledge of the situation, the ACC choose Louisville to join them because of their “aggressive approach” to success, including a commitment to “marquee athletics.” With the additions of Louisville, Notre Dame, Syracuse and Pittsburgh in all sports except for football, the source said that ACC fell as though the conference is “in a position of strength.”

Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich had the following to say regarding the school’s move to the ACC: “I’m very excited to join this prestigious conference. For the ACC to have faith in us means the world to us athletically and academically. The biggest winner is our school being associated with all of the prestigious schools. While I’m very excited, I’m very sad for the Big East. The Big East has been very good to this university. I thought [when Louisville joined in 2005] it would be a lifetime commitment until things around us started deteriorating. Instead of looking back, we’re looking forward. We want to be a great partner with every institution in the ACC.”

The ACC will have 14 teams once Maryland leaves and that is where the conference will remain for the foreseeable future.

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