Dezmine Wells Ready to be Leader for Maryland?

By Daniel Stecker

So far this year, Maryland has shown that they made huge strides from last season, and are ready to be a competitive force in the ACC.

Despite their great playing, Maryland has failed in one regard.

Maryland has yet to establish who their leader is going to be. Every night, it seems that a different Terp is leading the team both on the court, and emotionally on the sidelines. While this can obviously be interpreted as a positive thing, Maryland is going to need consistent leadership as they head into more competitive match-ups.

While Alex Len has been the most impressive Maryland player this season, establishing himself as a true force on both sides of the ball, causing many analysts to predict a lottery bound off-season for the center, another player that has emerged as a leader is sophomore transfer Dez Wells.

Against Northwestern on Tuesday night, Wells was spectacular. He shot 9-11 from the field on his way to a career high 21 points.

Terp fans heard a lot about Wells’ athleticism and scoring ability, but it was not shown in great detail until Tuesday night.

What made Wells’ performance significant, was that it was done at Maryland’s first legitimate away game against a school that was supposed to be of equal talent. While many of the young Terps showed some early-game jitters, Wells was playing smooth and dominant basketball.

Wells’ also showed contagious enthusiasm after making a nice play, or after a teammate made a nice play. His clear excitement and enthusiastic gestures proves that Wells’ heart is in the right place. It obviously takes some time for  a transfer student to become accustomed to the team and the culture of the program, but it seems Dez is Well on his way.

Even though he is a sophomore, Wells is one of the only Maryland players with NCAA tournament experience. If he can continue where he left off on Tuesday, and be an example with his calm and dominant play, then he can emerge as one of the main leaders for Maryland.

Maryland may have many leaders on the team this year, but Dez Wells has an opportunity to become one of the primary leaders on a young Maryland team that will need experience leaders as the season progresses.

Maryland next takes on George Mason on Sunday at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. for the BB&T Classic.


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