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Missouri Tigers: Michael Dixon’s Tweet Unveils Two Rape Accusations

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

Many Missouri Tigers basketball fans have been wondering why senior guard Michael Dixon Jr. has spent the entire season suspended.  The only explanation given was that he violated team rules, triggering various speculations about the possible things Dixon could have done.

On Tuesday, thanks to Twitter, everybody found out the reasons for his suspension.

The tweets are now deleted, but they were available long enough to generate a discussion that resulted in the revealing of Dixon being accused of rape back in August.  Although the case was dropped in November due to lack of sufficient evidence, Dixon remains suspended.

The MU Student Conduct Committee has decided to keep Dixon suspended despite the conclusion of the case in court.

Today, just two days after the initial release of the August rape accusation details, another incident has surfaced involving a second rape accusation in 2010.  That case was dropped as well, but only because the girl decided not to press charges to avoid retaliation.

This has opened up a larger investigation, leaving the future of Dixon even more up in the air.

The No. 16 ranked Tigers could definitely use Dixon’s scoring ability and experience as they continue on in their season.  Dixon, voted sixth man of the year last season, would provide another scoring threat and a defensive stopper for the Tigers.

But are his athletic talents worth the distraction this case has given Mizzou?

There has been a focus on the absence of Dixon from the beginning of the season and with the unveiling of the suspension details, there is bound to be more negative attention surrounding the Tigers.

They have proven to be a great team so far this season, posting a 5-1 record without Dixon.  If Dixon does have is suspension lifted, he will be able to join the line up and really help the Tigers.  If he is not able to play, his team will have to continue to forget about Dixon’s personal issues and rely on what they have.

Mizzou had done a great job of keeping the situation under wraps, making very few comments about it.  Even if cleared by the law the university may decide to handle the situation differently.

Dixon should have thought twice before tweeting about it.