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Ranking the Top Ten Most Overrated Teams in College Basketball

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Ranking the Top Ten Most Overrated Teams in College Basketball

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Steve Mitchell - US Presswire

The college basketball season has finally begun, and teams from around the country are vying for a low-seed in the NCAA tournament. Rankings are important because they determine where a team will fall in the NCAA tournament and what teams that will have to be played in order to make it further in the tournament.

However, every year it seems may teams start the season overrated, far higher than they should be in the rankings. Many things factor into the reason these teams are ranked so highly: How the team finished the year before, whether or not they play any decent teams ,whether the team landed big name recruits, fan base, number of returners, one unexpected early season victory, the head coach, etc. Various things decide how big the hype surrounding a college team is each season. Sometimes it is just too much for a team that really is not at a point where it is prepared for the added pressure of national attention.

Disclaimer: If you are a fan of a team on this list, don’t worry - overrated does not mean a team is bad, but higher than they should be. Every team on this list is capable of making it into March Madness; the question is whether the hype surrounding some teams is higher than others. Some of the teams on this list are capable of even winning the national championship; some of these teams need to win the national championship if they want recruits to continue to choose their school over others.

Here’s a list of the top ten overrated teams in the country:

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#10 Ceighton Blue Jays

Matt Ryerson - US Presswire

Creighton is a good team, but plays no one the entire season. The Blue Jays need to beat a majority of their opponents by a large margin if they are to prove they are a top team in the NCAA. With the weakness of their schedule (and their early season loss to Boise State), Creighton could easily lose in the first round of the tournament.

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#9 Colorado Buffaloes

Ron Chenoy - US Presswire

Colorado is in a very talented Pac-12 and the winning streak will not last. Colorado has beaten a few good teams, but defeating Baylor does not make the Buffaloes a great team. Colorado is third or fourth in the Pac -12 at best. Give it a few weeks before the Buffaloes start losing.

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#8 Indiana Hoosiers

Brian Spurlock - US Presswire

Everyone wants the Indiana Hoosiers to be back, but it’s a little early to start declaring Indiana number one. Duke has defeated Louisville and Kentucky, while Indiana has played practically no one (except dismantling North Carolina) so far this season. Indiana is a top-10 team but is clearly not the number one team in the country.

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#7 Wisconsin Badgers

Mary Langenfeld - US Presswire

The Wisconsin Badgers are a decent team but seem to flounder against talented opposition; Creighton and Florida dismantled them. Wisconsin still has another year or so before it should be considered a contender in the Big 10.

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#6 North Carolina State Wolfpack

Rick Osentoski

The North Carolina State Wolfpack looked horrible against Oklahoma State. What is yet to be seen is whether Oklahoma State is that good, or North Carolina State is that bad. The Wolfpack lost a couple close games against tough opposition as well. North Carolina State will turn the season around eventually – they have too much talent to continue to lose.

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#5 North Carolina Tar Heels

Brian Spurlock - US Presswire

Until Indiana destroyed them by 24, it was assumed North Carolina would be able to compete with the best in the country. Apparently not. Expect UNC to compete, but it looks like this year the Tar Heels have a limit to their talent.

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#4 Missouri Tigers

Kevin Jairaj - US Presswire

Missouri is overrated as long as Michael Dixon, Jr. is not on the court. Phil Pressey is a scoring machine, but cannot do it alone. Missouri is in a tough SEC – far tougher than the Big 12 – and will lose a lot more games than expected.

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#3 Memphis Tigers

Kevin Jairaj - US Presswire

Memphis hasn’t been the same since John Calipari left. The Tigers are in a talent rich area to recruit, but the past few years have seemed to fall short of expectations. With losses already to VCU and Minnesota – good teams but still expected to lose – Memphis is shaping up for another disappointing season.

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#2 Michigan State Spartans

Mike Carter - US Presswire

Michigan State's loss to Miami shows they are overrated. Yes, Tom Izzo will have this team contending again once March swings around, but this season the Spartans are not as talented as they have been in the past.

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#1 UCLA Bruins

Richard Mackson - US Presswire

California Polytechnic State University. Do I need to say anything else? UCLA landed the #2 recruit in the nation with Shabazz Muhammad, but one player, even one of that caliber, is not going to turn this team from a bust last season into a national championship contender this season. UCLA has a lot of work ahead, but with Muhammad likely leaving for the NBA next year, they need to get it together soon.