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2013 Sweet Sixteen Predictions

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2013 Sweet Sixteen Prediction

Richard Mackson - US Presswire

Well, the 2012-2013 basketball season has begun and that means that it is time to start speculating on which teams will make the NCAA tournament and which teams will be on the outside looking in.

March Madness is seen by many as the best part of the college basketball season, and it is hands down the most competitive. The end of the season in college basketball, unlike college football, allows for teams to go on hot streaks and win the entire tournament – giving teams an incentive to win during the regular season even after a loss. Look at UConn two years ago – Were they the best team in the country during the regular season? No. Did they ride a hot streak to win the national championship? Yes. The NCAA Tournament allows for teams to slowly get better as the season goes along and still win.

Unfortunately, this early in the season it is difficult to determine who will actually make it to the tournament and who will be disappointments. Some of the best teams in the country already have more losses than they had during the entire last season (not to name any names…Kentucky). Also, teams an get unfortunate seedings and play each other much earlier than expected and that throws predictions off more than anything else. There is still a lot of season left to play.

This season the field is far more open than most seasons, but do not expect many 16-14 seeds to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. Most of the teams that always win will keep on winning. Here’s a list of sixteen teams that should make it to the Sweet Sixteen:

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No. 16 Butler Bulldogs

Brian Spurlock - US Presswire

Watching Butler so far this season, it’s hard to imagine them anywhere but the Sweet Sixteen. The Bulldogs are always the underdogs that show up in March.

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No. 15 Gonzaga Bulldogs

James Shook - US Presswire

Gonzaga is playing out of their mind and should win their conference easily. Unless they get an unfortunate seed in the tournament, they should make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

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No. 14 Tennessee Volunteers

Evan Habeeb - US Presswire

Many will find this addition to the Sweet Sixteen surprising early in the season, but with the return of Jeronne Maymon into the lineup this team should start winning

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No. 13 Oklahoma State Cowboys

Denny Medley - US Presswire

If Oklahoma State can continue to play the way it did in the Puerto Rico Tip-off, they look like much more of a contender than anyone predicted.

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No. 12 Alabama Crimson Tide

Kelly Lambert - US Presswire

Still undefeated, the Crimson Tide are not going to start losing anytime soon and with Kentucky starting to show signs of frailty, the sky’s the limit.

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No. 11 North Carolina Tar Heels

Brian Spurlock - US Presswire

The North Carolina Tar Heels may have been dismantled by the Indiana Hoosiers, but they should not have to play a team of that caliber anytime early in the season.

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No. 10 Kansas Jayhawks

John Rieger - US Presswire

The Kansas Jayhawks and Bill Self have a habit of making it to Final Fours. They may not be as talented as they have been in the past, but they will continue to compete.

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No. 9 Michigan State Spartans

Mike Carter - US Presswire

Never count out Tom Izzo. He’ll work his magic and Michigan State will easily make it to the tournament.

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No. 8 Syracuse Orange

Rich Barnes - US Presswire

Syracuse is always consistent in its ability to win in the Big East. Syracuse is not going to bpw out of the tournament early.

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No. 7 Connecticut Huskies

David Butler II - US Presswire

UConn has good and bad days, but they are a great team and should pull things together by the end of the season.

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No. 6 Kentucky Wildcats

Mark Zerof - US Presswire

Kentucky has lost a few games recently, but it’s tough to imagine a scenario where the Wildcats do not make it to the Sweet Sixteen – especially with all that talent and four more months under John Calipari.

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No. 5 Georgetown Hoyas

Evan Habeeb - US Presswire

Defense wins championships, and there may not be a better defense in all of college basketball. Georgetown could steal the Big East as well as raising a few eyebrows in the tournament.

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No. 4 Michigan Wolverines

Joe Camporeale - US Presswire

Michigan looks good to start the season. They match up well against most teams; the Wolverines should easily make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

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No. 3 Indiana Hoosiers

Brian Spurlock - US Presswire

Indiana is good, and everyone knows it. Unless the whole team collapses faster than Missouri against Norfolk State, Indiana should cruise to at least the Elite Eight.

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No. 2 Florida Gators

Kim Klement - US Presswire

No one is talking about Florida, and that gives the Gators leverage. Kenny Boynton is one of the best players in the country, and Florida, so far, looks like the best team in the SEC.

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No. 1 Duke Blue Devils

Jeremy Brevard - US Presswire

Duke has the capability to win the national championship, not just make it to the Sweet Sixteen. Lousiville, Kentucky, Ohio State. Sounds like they beat an entire potential Final Four already this season.

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