Kentucky Wildcats' 55 Game Winning Streak At Home Snapped

By Kelsey Budd

The Kentucky Wildcats have lost back-to-back games after falling to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish followed by a 55-64 loss to the Baylor Bears.  This loss ended the No. 8 ranked Wildcats 55 game winning streak at home.

This puts Kentucky at a 4-3 record and has many people thinking they don’t deserve to be ranked in the top 25 anymore.

After three losses, to teams all ranked lower than Kentucky at the time, the Wildcats have showed a lack of discipline and ability to counter what their opponent throws at them.

Notre Dame controlled the tempo of the game and John Calipari acknowledged that this affected how they played and they would not let it happen again.  Obviously this was not the case as Baylor played zone and was able to dictate Kentucky’s offense for the duration of the game.

The Wildcats shot 30 percent on the day and continued to force up shots instead of trying to get the ball inside and attack the zone.  They looked shell shocked once again, exposing their inexperience once again.

Calipari decides to play primarily freshman and so far this season, he is paying for it.  Athleticism is no longer winning games for the Wildcats and opponents are taking advantage of their weaknesses.  Kentucky does not know how to take what the defense gives them unless it is a fast break dunk.

The Wildcats will have a long year if the freshman and Calipari don’t do something to adapt to the different defensive tactics people are going to throw at them this year.

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