Mason Plumlee Continues to Dominate Opponents

By Anthony Lenahan
Daniel Shirey-US Presswire

Mason Plumlee has proven so far this season that he is one of the best, if not the best player in college basketball.  No one since I can remember has put up numbers like Plumlee has so far this season.

Coming into the season, Duke knew that Plumlee would have to be their best player.  In order to be that, he had to work extremely hard in the off-season.

Plumlee’s main focus this off-season was free throw shooting.  A place where he spends a lot of time is on the foul line.  Last season he shot a miserable 52% from the charity stripe.  Adding up all his misses, he left a lot of points at the line and also cost his team a lot of points.

This season Plumlee has upped his free throw percentage to an outstanding 76%.  Plumlee is now an even better player; you can’t foul him and put him on the line because he is going to make the free throws anyway.

Plumlee is averaging 19.6 points per game and shooting 65% from the field.  Last season he averaged 11.1 points per game and shot 57% from the field.  Plumlee has improved greatly and has put up unreal numbers.

He also is averaging 11 rebounds per game.  Plumlee is averaging a double double so far this season, which is a great accomplishment for any player.

Plumlee’s greatest accomplishment this season are his two 20+ points and 15+ rebounds in a game.  To put up a game like this, in fact multiple games with these numbers, proves that you are one of the best players in college basketball.

Plumlee deserves to get a lot of recognition for National Player of the Year.

At this point, I am just wondering who is going to even be able to stop Plumlee this season.  He has been that good.

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