North Carolina Tar Heels Struggle on Defense Once Again Last Night

By Anthony Lenahan
Curtis Wilson-US Presswire

The North Carolina Tar Heels were able to bounce back with a victory last night after getting absolutely embarrassed earlier in the week by the No. 1 ranked Indiana Hoosiers.  The Tar Heels defeated the University of Alabama Birmingham 102-84, but it was as pretty as it looks.

Against Indiana, the Tar Heels continously got beat back on transition after made baskets.  The Hoosiers were able to run all over the Tar Heels and really able to get a lot of uncontested lay ups.  Made basket or not the Hoosiers pushed the ball up the court and North Carolina couldn’t stop it.

This is usually how UNC likes to play the game, but they weren’t able to stop it when it was played against them.

Coach Roy Williams had stressed getting back on defense throughout the week leading up to their matchup against UAB.  The Tar Heel players didn’t seem to get the message from their coach.

Last night, the Blazers were able to run all over Carolina again.  After every made basket, UAB pushed the ball up the court and were able to beat the Tar Heels down the court repeadetly.

Carolina was just unable to get back on defense and pick up their man before UAB was already inside the paint.  Coach Williams was certainly not pleased with his teams defensive effort.

He was subbing in new players every time someone was unable to get back on defense and on the sideline he showed the most emmotion I have ever seen out of the veteran Coach.

Carolina needs to continue to work on getting back on defense before the start of ACC play or they will not have a successful season.  Coach Williams will continue to run it through their minds and constently remind them to get back, but the players are the ones who have to execute.

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