Former Connecticut Huskies Head Coach Jim Calhoun Talks Cancer, Return to Coaching

By Joseph Nardone
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Former Connecticut Huskies head coach Jim Calhoun was known to be a lot of things during his coaching career. Not only was he known as a great coach but he also had characteristics similar to the Grinch, who annually attempts to steal Christmas. Grouchy, standoffish, and rather polarizing. But then there was something he was not, afraid to beat the living hell out of cancer.

While being interview with the YES network for one of their picture-box programs Calhoun revealed he that he had surgery this past May to remove a cancerous growth in his lungs. In typical cancer kicking rear-end form, Calhoun nonchalantly addressed the situation to the AP:

”It was cancer-related, yes. ‘I’m not going to talk about it. I was out for a day and a half. I’m completely healthy now.”

Calhoun did admit that, between the cancer related health issues and the spinal problem he got from the result of a bicycle accident, that all of it has take a toll on his body. It’s worth noting that Calhoun, who is presently serving as a special assistant to the athletic director for the Huskies, has whooped cancer’s tail on three separate occasions.

The former head coach is also known to bounce back from these kinds of things with a vengence, think Rocky after Apollo died. He also told YES, despite all the health problems, he hasn’t ruled out a return to coaching. While it wasn’t a definitive statement it did leave the door open to the possibility. When asked, here’s what Calhoun had to say about a return to coaching.

”I would never say never,”

Calhoun carries a lot of bad attributes that make him an unlovable figure, that’s all fine. But he does carry an attribute that can inspire every person on this planet. The ability to kick cancer around like its his redheaded stepchild and keep on moving on.

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