Maryland Head Coach Mark Turgeon Done With BB&T Classic?

By Daniel Stecker
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon has expressed his displeasure concerning the annual BB&T Classic, a tournament at the Verizon Center is D.C. that has featured the Terps since its beginning in 1996.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Turgeon explained that he wants to be able to “dictate” his own games, and his flexibility in terms of scheduling will only decrease next season.

The addition of Syracuse and Pitt to the ACC means that each team in the conference will play 18 league games, rather than 16. This means that Maryland will have two less opportunities to schedule an important non-conference game early in the season.

Not to say that the teams Maryland plays in the BB&T Classic are not legitimate, but Turgeon feels that the environment of the tournament is very replaceable.

In the interview, Turgeon explained that he thought that the game against Kentucky in Brooklyn was a fantastic environment and experience for the players. He does not feel that way about the Verizon Center during the BB&T, due to the gaping amount of unoccupied seats.

With the Big 10 challenge, as well as the BB&T Classic, as early season staples for Maryland. Turgeon voiced that he “is looking at other things.”

Maryland fans should be rallying behind Turgeon’s opinion on the matter. Turge is very open about wanting to schedule harder games for Maryland early in the year. These cupcake games are good for the young players confidence, but if the program wants to be fully legitimized, they need more early season tests.

All Turgeon wants is the flexibility to create his own schedule, one that most help the team in the long run. Maryland is one of the brightest up and coming programs in the country. A headstrong and clear minded coach like Turgeon is a fantastic first step.

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