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NCAA Rumors: Cowboys Stadium Could Host Next Big NCAA Preseason Tournament

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Less than two weeks ago, I discussed how the two year old Battle 4 Atlantis Tournament in the Bahamas had become the new premiere preseason tournament for NCAA Basketball teams. Teams that attend this tournament are paid $2 million. A new tournament with four games could provide more in television revenue and ticket sales.

Cowboys Stadium, home of NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, is rumored to host a four game tournament beginning with Veteran’s Day weekend 2013. The largest domed stadium in the world is a NCAA Men’s Basketball regional host in this year’s March Madness Tournament. The stadium will also host the 2014 Final Four.

Previous basketball games played at Cowboys Stadium include a NCAA matchup between Texas and North Carolina and the 2010 NBA All-Star Game. The game between the two college teams saw Texas win 103-90 in front of 38.052 people. In 2010, Cowboys Stadium helped break a NBA record when 108,713 people attended the NBA All-Star Game.

The Veteran’s Day tournament will compete with the two year tradition of holding games on naval carriers. Last year, Michigan State and North Carolina competed in a basketball game on the USS Carl Vinson. In 2012, Marquette and Ohio State University were supposed to play on the USS Yorktown as part of the Armed Forces Classic. The two teams saw their game cancelled, due to condensation on the floor.

In September, Cowboys Stadium added to its revenue base by adding a Victoria’s Secret store inside the stadium. This made the Cowboys the only professional sports team to have a retail store of the leading lingerie brand. The Cowboys are also the only NFL team to distribute their own merchandise.

The large attendance capacity along with merchandise sales help power the number one football team in America. In the most recent Forbes valuations, the Cowboys ranked number one with a value of $2.1 billion.

Cowboys Stadium continues to be a premier destination for sporting events and concerts. The Cotton Bowl Classic bowl game is played at the stadium every year, along with high school football games. A rumored UFC fight between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva might take place inside the domed stadium. This UFC event would break an attendance record for the sport, which currently stands at 55,724.

Fans should get a test of how the tournament would go in March. With many teams already booked for next year’s preseason tournaments, Cowboys Stadium may have a hard time finding premier talent. What do you think, will this become the next big tournament?