Small Schools Like Chicago State Joining the Conference Merry-Go-Round

By marcvilas
Dennis Wierzbicki- USA TODAY SPORTS

The dominoes continue to fall as conferences poach from one another and try to gain the upper hand in television rights negotiations.  With the Big East getting mauled by the ACC and Big 10 they had to turn to “small schools” such as Tulane and East Carolina to replace Notre Dame and Rutgers.  So Conference-USA had to steal a few schools from the Sun Belt Conference last week, Florida Atlantic and Middle Tennessee, to replace them.  Now joining the circus will be Chicago State as they have decided to leave the Great West and join the Western Athletic Conference.

When will this end?  Not until ridiculous amounts of money have been paid to appease the rich men and women running these schools.  Schools are suing conferences, conferences are charging schools enough money to feed third world countries just to leave and fans are left with teams in conferences that make no sense geographically.  It is just one big mess.

When are these people going to start changing the names of these conferences so they make sense again?  The Big 12 has ten teams.  The Big “East” will have schools from Texas, California and Idaho in the coming years.  “East” huh? The “WAC” now is adding Chicago State.

I say they just forfeited their right to use Western as a way to describe themselves.  West of the Appalachian Mountains has not counted since Daniel Boone.  If these people cannot be honest with their actions can they at least have their conference names honestly represent their member schools?

The move makes sense for the Chicago State Cougars as they now have a chance to compete within a more competitive and complete conference.  They make sense, but some of these other schools?  Not so much.

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