Utah to Honor Rick Majerus

By Anthony Lenahan
Andrew Synowiez-US Presswire

A man, a coach, a legend, Rick Majerus passed away last week due to heart failure.  Majerus recently stepped down from coaching Saint Louis this season after learning about his heart problem.

He didn’t believe his heart problem would cause him to pass this soon, but unfortunately college basketball lost one of their most iconic men.

Majerus coached for 517 wins in 25 seasons with only having a single losing season his whole career.  He never coached for the top schools and therefore never got the prized recruits.  He showed he was a great coach by coaching the underrated players to victory.

After his passing, Utah came out and announced that they would tribute the fantastic coach by hanging up a replica of his iconic white sweater from the rafters of the basketball arena that he coached in from 1989-2004.

All players wore a black patch in memory of Majerus and there was also a moment of silence at Utah’s home game last night.

Utah is the university where Majerus emerged as a fantastic coach.  He led the Utes regularly to the NCAA tournament and took them to a Final Four.

The University of Utah feels that hanging up a replica of his trademark sweater means a whole lot more and is more of an icon than for them to just simply retire a jersey in honor of him.  Majerus was invited back to the University to be inducted into the Utah Hall of Fame, but was unable to attend to due his health conditions.

The Utah and Saint Louis athletic directors are working together to try and get Majerus inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame.  A place where i feel Majerus belongs as he was a basketball savant.

Many former players expressed their feelings on the loss of Majerus and exactly what he meant to them.  With the loss of Majerus, the entire basketball world is losing a great person and a great coach.

Utah is only one of the schools that will be showing tribute to Majerus throughout the college basketball season.

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