Former Detroit Coach Claiming Wrongful Dismissal

By marcvilas

The University of Detroit basketball team lost two of its assistant coaches at the beginning of this season and now one of them is claiming he should not lost his job.

Carlos Briggs, fired Nov. 1, issued a statement on Wednesday, claiming he was wrongfully dismissed by school officials after volunteering information to officials regarding members of the athletic department trying “to cover up the misconduct of others in the Athletic Department.”

Briggs statement claims, “I came forward because (school president Antoine M. Garibaldi) had asked a prominent alumnus to direct me to the Whistleblower policy of the Current Employees section of Human Resources on the Faculty Staff page of the University website to click on the link to anonymously disclose wrongdoing after the alumnus mentioned the misconduct but not my identity to the President. I was told the President needed me to do this to help him clean up the problem.”

The university is not responding to the statement issued by Briggs and right now their are more questions than answers.  Why was a 15-year coaching veteran fired after following the advise of a “prominent” alumnus?  Is the NCAA stepping up to uncover the alleged wrong doings of this athletic department, or are they only concerned with the big schools?

Hopefully if an injustice has occurred a good mans reputation can be restored and a rogue athletic department can be held accountable.  Of course, knowing the NCAA, it will take months if not years to resolve the situation and even then the wrong people will be punished.

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