Kentucky Wildcats Enrolled In 'Camp Cal' After Being Dropped From Rankings

By Kelsey Budd
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

After back-to-back losses that removed the Kentucky Wildcats from the rankings, head coach John Calipari decided he was going to make a change.

Calipari has altered his team’s morning routine, making them wake up at 7 a.m. everyday for ‘Camp Cal’, or in other words, an extra workout.

Each morning, the Wildcats are required to do conditioning with their strength coach.  Calipari felt that they were not in good enough shape to compete at a high level so his team will remain members of Camp Cal until that is changed.

The morning workout is followed by an afternoon practice where once again, there is an emphasis on conditioning.

Calipari admits his young roster does not realize how hard they have to work as a college basketball player.  Right now, they don’t play a complete 40-minute basketball game, but after Camp Cal, the Wildcats should never have to take a possession off.

Well, at least that’s the goal.

The young age of his team has been a consistent problem for them all year.  They don’t have a leader that has showed the younger players what it takes to be a caliber team and nobody has stepped up yet.

This is a new issue for Calipari, who was probably worried about the bad press Kentucky would receive after being knocked out of the rankings.  He has not had to be an enforcer like this in the past because his teams have been flat out dominant without his coaching.

This season, more than Calipari’s recruiting abilities is being tested.  Now he will have to show what he can do with recruits that aren’t competing at the NBA level expected from them.

Camp Cal will not be over until Calipari is satisfied with how is squad is playing.  So will the Wildcats step up to the plate or will Camp Cal become a permanent addition to Kentucky’s day.

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