Cincinnati Bearcats Coach Mick Cronin Ignores Sean Kilpatrick Hype

By Merlisa
Josh H. Holmberg-USA Today Sports Images

The No. 11 Cincinnati Bearcats Coach Mick Cronin said he reads Sponge Bob more than he does lists and hype surrounding his star guard Sean Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick has scored in double figures in all nine games this season. He moved up to 45th place on the Cincinnati career scoring record at 1,047 points. He has scored more than 20 points in four games this season.

As his stature rises, so does speculation about where he might go in the draft or even if he’s a candidate for player of the year.

Cronin wants no part of the early season hype.

“I don’t (read those things). I’m sure that knowing him he reads that stuff.  I don’t. I’m oblivious. The only thing I read is children’s books and Sponge Bob,” said Cronin.

“I get questions. Yesterday, I did a live show with Doug Gottlieb (on Rome) and I get asked if SK is a candidate for player of the year. Well, we’ll see. We are going to get our opportunities. We play in the Big East and play multiple ranked teams. You have to win big games,” he said. “Some ask why Louisville is ranked ahead of us in the preseason. Well, they won a Big East Championship and went to the Final Four. We had our chance to beat them and go to the Final Four. We will have our chances. SK is going to have his chance. You have to have opportunities. You want recognition; you have to get the job done. I’m just trying to make sure our guys are prepared for that. Because who is ranked now is completely irrelevant. If you want recognition, play great.”

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