Hundreds of People Gather to Remember Rick Majerus

By Anthony Lenahan
Andrew Synowiez-USA Today Sports

Saturday, a funeral was held for the legendary Rick Majerus at Marquette University.  Hundreds of people gathered to remember the fantastic coach and even better person.  Friends, fans, and family showed up to give their final tributes to Majerus.

Majerus passed away on December 1st in a Los Angeles hospital due to heart failure.  Majerus previously stepped down from coaching Saint Louis this season because of the heart problems he had been encountering.

Majerus began his coaching career as a student assistant for Marquette.  His funeral was held at the Church of the Gesu which is located on Marquette’s campus.

Saint Louis’ 15 players were the pallbearers for the funeral and also attending was Doc Rivers.  Rivers is a man who gives Majerus (his former coach) all the credit for the love he has for the game of basketball.  Majerus is actually the one who gave Rivers his nickname.

Majerus’ family released a statement thanking everyone for their support and ongoing sympathy for the former coach.  As a family, going through a time like this is always difficult and with the support of so many outside people really helped out Majerus’ family get through this terrible tragedy.

Multiple teams, that Majerus had coached during his career will honor Majerus in some way this season.

Marquette will wear a ribbon with his initials, Utah will honor Majerus by hanging a replica of Majerus’ trademark white sweater in their rafters and Saint Louis will also honor Majerus.

College basketball won’t be the same without Majerus, he was loved by so many and you can just tell how important he was by how many people paid tribute to him at his funeral and also with multiple schools honoring him.

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