Appalachian State's Brian Okam Shoots the Worst Free Throw Ever (Video)

By Anthony Lenahan

Brian Okam is a 7 foot center for Appalachian State. Yesterday, App State took on Western Carolina in a game that may have featured the worst free throw ever.

Okam has only shot five free throws this season and has made two. One of his three misses came against WCU, but it wasn’t just an ordinary miss from the line.

Okam stepped up to the line for his second shot and completely missed everything. The ball did not even come close to reaching the rim, in fact it landed in his teammates hand who was in the middle of the paint waiting for a rebound opportunity.

Check out the video here:

It amazes me that a Division 1 basketball player produces a result like this from what is suppose to be a FREE throw. I can get a decent amount of little kids on the line who can come closer to making a free throw than Okam did.

Also this free throw makes me wonder how in the world he even made 2 free throws in the season. The ball doesn’t even look like it slipped out of his hand. Okam must have just put a “little” bit more arc on his shot than he wanted to.

You almost have to laugh at the free throw attempt, but at the same time it is embarrassing that a division 1 basketball player is the one who shot the ball.

I guess Okam is a legit center and you won’t be seeing him attempting any mid range jump shots.

In the end you just have to laugh at the end result because you may never see an uglier free throw than this.

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