The Auburn Tigers Disappointing Start to the Basketball Season

By Taylor Sturm
John Reed – USA TODAY Sports

Before the season, the Auburn Tigers were a sleeper team in the SEC. The Tigers play in the weaker western portion of the SEC and their non-conference schedule had very few upper-level talented teams. Unfortunately, Auburn’s season continues to get worse and worse. The Tigers are 2-5 and second to last in the SEC, after a few horrible losses including teams like Boston College, Depaul, and Rhode Island; teams that Auburn should have beat easily with the talented roster that they possess.

Auburn is a talented team – far more talented than a few SEC teams. Frankie Sullivan is one of the best players in the SEC, but has absolutely no help in games. It is almost as if the rest of this Auburn team has no confidence in anyone else on the floor. Tony Barbee has to start pleading to his young team to realize that they have the talent to achieve great things. The Tigers are young and they play like it. In order for Auburn to salvage their season, the players need to start playing together rather than passing to Sullivan and watching him play.

Auburn should be panicking. Before the season, on paper the Tigers looked like they might be a potential challenge to Alabama at the top of the SEC West. With the losses that they have accumulated and at the rate they are playing, Auburn looks like the worst team so far in the SEC – and that is saying a lot in a league with the injury-prone Mississippi State Bulldogs and the no-starters-left Vanderbilt Commodores.

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