A Possible New Atlantic-10 Conference? Doubtful

By marcvilas
Peter Casey-US Presswire

First of all, add the Atlantic-10 Conference to the list of conferences that need to change their name to reflect their member schools.  Currently they have how many schools playing basketball?  16, not 10, so stop claiming academics are the reasons for realignment because none of you make any sense anymore. However, given the possible defection of schools from the Big East here is a proposal for a merger between some of the schools looking to leave the Big East and current A-10 teams, making a new conference with a name that represents its members. I give you the new and improved A-10…

Temple, Villanova, St. Joesph’s, VCU, Richmond, Georgetown, St John’s, Seton Hall, Charlotte and Davidson. All schools that can actually claim a close vicinity to the Atlantic Ocean, have built in rivalries (which are disappearing in most of the new realignments) and actually is the total number of schools claimed by the title of their conference.

This is a pipe dream, but this would be a great basketball conference, which is all I care about.  I am convinced that it could get a great television deal too.  Major regions, Philadelphia, Washington D.C and New York City are represented as is the basketball crazy state of North Carolina (and don’t think the Davidson fans are not as crazy as the other schools fans in their state).  With those major markets covered why wouldn’t a TV network want the rights to these games?

With Temple, Villanova and St. Joesph’s battling over Philadelphia pride each of those games are going to be must see TV.  The D.C population will loose their minds if Georgetown ever lost to Richmond or VCU, and that would definitely not be a rare occurrence.  How about NYC versus New Jersey?  That is always fun to watch, so plenty of people will be tuned in for the St. John’s versus Seton Hall games.  Throw in your own version of the Tobacco Road wars and the Atlantic coast is covered in terms of college basketball drama. Could you imagine grabbing UCONN and UMASS to make an Atlantic-12? Or instead steal Rutgers and Maryland and put them in a conference that makes sense geographically? Oh man, I am starting to sound like these crazy school presidents.

Will this happen? Doubtful.  It is not a big conference that spans the Continent, which is the wave of the future, unfortunately.  The days of small conferences that have real blood rivals are passing us by.  I guess I will miss the days of conferences that look like they sound. This A-10 powerhouse group will only ever look cool on paper.



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