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Adjust Finals Week To Help College Basketball

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Enjoying college basketball this week? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So far we’ve had about 2 games worth a damn, in a week that should be filled with great college hoops action. College football is basically over and most casual fans tend to turn their collective eyes to the hardwood. Well this year, we haven’t given them much of a reason to do so.

Finals week is an annual staple of college life. You hit the library, buy some snacks and study your behind off. However, apparently that means you can’t play basketball? I remember taking my finals and getting through them was the easy part. It took a couple hours and I was done. Of course, when you combined the late nights it was an experience to itself. Saying that, I was free to go out at night and do what I please. College basketball players are athletes as much as they are students. Let’s stop babying them.

I propose that every major conference team has at least one decent matchup during finals week. It would help the players by not having to cram multiple games in the few weeks remaining in the semester and would give students on campus something to do. When word spreads around campus that the hoops squad is taking on Savannah State you don’t exactly feel a buzz, with all due respect.

We could even create some sort of challenge like the annual Big Ten-ACC showdown. How about getting some Big East-Pac 12 action next year on Tuesday and Wednesday? Then a Big 12-SEC showdown on Thursday and Friday?

Students in all sports take finals on the road. It comes with the territory. You can’t suddenly have it both ways. During the spring semester you let “student athletes  take finals at the NCAA tournament! Taking one or two during the first semester, before a Kansas Jayhawks-Kentucky Wildcats showdown, should be a piece of cake.

I know I’ll get plenty of tweets that we’ve got some good match ups tomorrow (Saturday) and that’s true. However, they mostly come late in the day when most people head out on the town. We’ve got to give them a reason to stay planted firmly on the couch all day long. Between last weekend (minus the Gonzaga Bulldogs-Illinois Fighting Illini game) and this entire week, I fear we are not doing that. College basketball needs continuity. Having a week like this one is killing that goal.

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