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10 Most Disappointing College Basketball Teams of 2012

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10 Most Disapointing College Basketball Teams of 2012


We are a quarter of the way into the 2012-2013 season and we are getting a look at what teams are really going to be like this year. At this point most teams have played a combination of winnable games and challenging games. Some of the teams on this list were just overrated to begin with. Others are suffering through some injuries or suspensions, and other teams are just poorly coached.

When evaluating if a team is disappointing or not, just look at how they are performing against weaker and similarly skilled opponents. Are they barely beating bad teams? That is a bad sign, but its worse if they are losing those games. When matched up against a like opponent, do they step up to the challenge or fade from adversity.

The teams on this list are just not getting it done on the court. They are either allowing adversity to beat them down or just not living up to their hype. These are the 10 teams that have their fans bases wondering how long until football season returns?

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West Virginia

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

10. West Virginia

At 4-4 and have yet to get to the Big 12 schedule, which will not be kind to them, the Mountaineers are not living up to anyone's expectations. Losses to Duquesne, Davidson and a down Oklahoma program do not look good at this point and will look even worse by the end of the year. Moving from the Big East to the Big 12 was supposed to act like a shot in the arm for this program but instead they just look like they have been shot in the foot.

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9. Villanova

The Wildcats have the most losses of the Big East schools so far. 6-4 with struggles against fellow Philadelphia area opponents Temple and St. Joesph's, both a part of a "lesser" league in the A-10, does not look good to a passionate fan base (especially one with out a good football program to look forward too). In addition to their inner city struggles, they also have bad losses against, Alabama, Columbia and La Salle. Fans of Villanova expect their basketball program to perform at a high level, this season is looking like a third straight year of disappointment is on the way.

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Mark L. Baer- USATODAY Sports

8. Washington

The Huskies have their typical talented, athletic squad but this year they have faced some injuries and have wilted under their early season challenges. At 5-4, with losses to Nevada, Albany and Colorado State, the Washington fan base is going to start grumbling about Lorenzo Romar's lack of ability to keep his program on top of the Pac-12. The Huskies barely handled lesser talented teams St. Louis and Cal St Fullerton, and just do not look like a threat to compete in the Pac-12, which is very disappointing.

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7. Texas

Texas went from ranked 25th to unranked over the course of the season so far. Not having Myck Kabongo is a problem but not an excuse. 5-4 is not reflective of the talent that is or should be at a program like Texas. A loss to an under-performing UCLA and only scoring 41 points in a loss to Georgetown are embarrassing moments this season. Losing to Chaminade and the USC Trojans is just unforgivable. The Texas fans are disappointed for sure and counting the weeks until spring football.

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6. Baylor

This Bears squad went from ranked 18th to outside the top 25 already in this season and might be one of the most inconsistent teams in America. They played great in a win at Kentucky and then followed that with a lackluster loss to Northwestern three days later. Losses to Colorado and Charleston early on the season do not look good but a win versus St. Johns does look good. You just never know what this team is going to bring the floor, which with the amount of talent on this roster, makes them disappointing.

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5. Kentucky

UK went from overrated at number 3, to out of the rankings in an historic two week fall and now finds themselves in a watch and see if they are ready position, number 22 in the current rankings. Youth is not an excuse for Kentucky. They were young last year and won the National Championship. This year they are thought to have just as much talent and maybe more, yet they have not come together as a group. 6-3, losses to Duke and Baylor (who is just as disappointing) at home and at Notre Dame. The Wildcat fan base has been spoiled they last two (if not more) years and is only happy if their team is dominating.

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North Carolina


4. University of North Carolina

UNC started out at number 12 and after a brief stint outside of the top 25 they are back in at number 18. This Tar Heels team at 7-2 is a work in progress after losing so many players to the NBA. However Roy Williams has some of he best recruits in the country as well as highly touted James Michael McAdoo. They opened the season with a soft schedule that had only two quality opponents so far, Butler and Indiana, both losses. Fans in Chapel Hill are disappointed that their team is not keeping pace with the their cross town rivals, number 2 Duke University, and the team just does not look very good.

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North Carolina State

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3. North Carolina State

NC State was highly regarded as it opened the season at number 6. However, after getting whacked by Oklahoma St 76-56 and they did not step up at Michigan in their 79-72 loss, they dropped out of the top 25. Now currently ranked 25they are still not impressing people after barely holding off UCONN for a 69-65 win and squeaking by little brother UNC-Ashville 82-80. Top recruits, CJ Leslie and Rodney Purvis, are not living up to expectations which just adds to the disappointments of this season thus far.

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2. Memphis

I guarantee no one in Memphis is more disappointed in the start of this season than Josh Pastner. After starting out the season ranked number 16, the Tigers find themselves outside the top 25. At 6-2 with no quality wins and losses to the only opponents of note, VCU and Minnesota, Pastner is searching for answers. Both of those programs are solid but Memphis expectations are much higher then theirs. The Tigers do not look to be on the same page offensively at all times and just are not putting in the defensive effort expected of them from their coach. Getting wins in the C-USA should not be a problem for this talented squad but that is not enough. This team is expected to do work in March, if they don't the disappointment will continue into the off-season.

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Talk about a fan base that should just be wilting from disappointment. The UCLA Bruins basketball program is in a shambles. They started out at number 13 in the nation, mostly based on a number 1 recruiting class, and an undeserved respect for Ben Howland. Now they are on the outside looking in. At 6-3, with losses to Georgetown, SDSU, and lowly Cal Poly, the Bruins should not be just disappointed, they should be embarrassed with their effort. Even their wins are hard to watch as they squeak by Texas, UC Irvine and Georgia. After claiming he would change his offense to allow for more creativity, Howland is still leading a boring offense with great athletes and highly touted players being held back. In a city were flashy wins, this bland style of basketball and lack of success is the most disappointing show in college basketball.