Overrated and Undefeated LSU Tigers Finally Lose

By Taylor Sturm
Crystal Logiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The LSU Tigers were undefeated (6 -0) to start the season. Friday night they finally were defeated by 19 points by a clearly superior Boise State team.

The bad news for the Tigers: After a loss like that it will be hard for any of the SEC title contenders to take LSU as a threat. The top teams in the SEC would never lose to Boise State by 19 points. LSU looked lost throughout the game and, if it was not for outstanding bench play by Anthony Hickey and Shavon Coleman, the margin of victory would have been much worse. LSU is cleary getting better, but after this loss, look no where near ready to contend against teams like Alabama and Texas A&M in the SEC West.

The good news for the Tigers: LSU only plays one more team, Marquette, that is capable of beating the Tigers before SEC play starts. That means that LSU could enter the SEC schedule 9 – 2 and, being in the weaker SEC West, means that LSU has a legitimate opportunity to make it to twenty wins and the NCAA tournament.

LSU not being undefeated is not the end of the world. The Tigers did not expect to be undefeated this far into the season and were expected to be one of the worst teams in the SEC. However, under the leadership of star player Johnny O’Bryant III, the Tigers are clearly capable of proving everyone wrong. An upset or two during the SEC schedule easily would put LSU in the discussion for an NCAA berth.

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