College Teams Make Decisions Based on Money, But Players Don't Get Paid

By Anthony Lenahan

With all of the conference realignment situations and now the whole thing with the Big East, college sports is in a bit of chaos.  Schools are wanting to leave their conference to join other conferences so their school can make more money.

While doing this, they leave other schools out to dry.

If college teams act like professional teams when signing new T.V. contracts and such, wanting the most money out of deals as possible, why don’t the players get treated as if they were on a professional team?

I do not agree with players getting paid to play because in the long run they are going to school for free which is about $200,000 right there.  When you look at how schools act towards earning their athletic teams more money, the players deserve to be treated like professionals.

The players are the ones out on the court on national television, not the athletic director or the school dean.  Yet they are the ones getting all the money.  Without the players out there on the court, or the field playing for that school, the school isn’t going to earn a single cent.

Players don’t need to be payed professional athletes salaries, but they do deserve to get something out of what the school makes.  The players put in all the hard work just for the school to make money off of them, that isn’t right.

Less than 1% of college athletes go professional so you can’t say that they will get their money in a few years because they won’t.  Going to school and playing a sport is like having a full time job and going to school.

If the school is going to make money off of your performances, you deserve to get some of it as what you do is basically your job.

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