One of the Greatest Coaches in the Game, Jim Boeheim Closing in on 900 Wins

By Anthony Lenahan
Rich Barnes-USA Today Sports

Jim Boeheim is one win shy of his 900th.  Tomorrow he will get his first opportunity to achieve this amazing accomplishment as his Syracuse Orange will take on Detroit.

When Boeheim records his 900th victory, it will put him up there with only two other coaches.  He will only be the third coach in the history of college basketball to win 900 games.

A true accomplishment, but one he couldn’t have done without the help of his players and coaching staff around him.  Year after year, Boeheim recruits talented players to make sure he will have a good team every year.  He has had a great coaching staff around him his whole life and though recently his friend was just removed from it, that didn’t stop him from winning.

Thirty-seven years he has spent coaching his alma mater and each and every day he is doing something productive.  He is either preparing his team to play their next game, out recruiting, or being generous enough to donate money for cancer research.

Boeheim is an all around winner.  His milestone will show that he can win on the court and show that he is a fantastic coach, but it won’t show how much of a winner he is off the court.

He has remained passionate enough to the game to coach each and every game with the same amount of intensity and that has brought him just one win shy of an accomplishment only two other coaches have achieved.

Mike Krzyzewski and Bob Knight are the names that Boeheim will join in history and boy, are those two darn good basketball coaches.

Jim Boeheim is one of the greatest coaches to ever live and he is also a great person.  He has worked hard for this and he will finally reach such a significant milestone tomorrow.

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