The Butler Bulldogs May No Longer Be Considered An Underdog

By Kelsey Budd
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Butler Bulldogs upset the No. 1 ranked Indiana Hoosiers last night with an 88-86 victory in overtime.

Many people knew Butler was going to be a touch matchup for anyone this season after beating North Carolina early in the year.  This proved to be true yesterday, as the Bulldogs never gave up when the momentum was in favor of Indiana.

Butler was relentless on the offensive glass, giving them second chance opportunities that kept them in the game.

Butler lost two key players with Roosevelt Jones and Andrew Smith fouling out and finishing the game on the sideline.

This didn’t discourage the Bulldogs from continuing to attack and make big plays when they needed it the most.

On the other hand, where was Cody Zeller?  He was a non-factor for majority of the game, taken out of his rhythm by Butler’s physicality.  Zeller looked scared when he caught the ball on the perimeter yesterday.  Usually he would take that shot in rhythm or attack and make a play.  This hurt Indiana down the stretch because they did not have the dominant presence they are used to from their pre-season All-American selection.

Butler handled whatever Indiana threw at them and managed to outlast the Hoosiers runs and make some of their own.

The Bulldogs roster has a lot of depth both offensively and defensively.  They are balanced as a whole, which has been a major factor of their success.

They work extremely hard which makes up for any lapses in athleticism or size.  They outwork teams, and this is something that will give them an edge over any opponent.

In the past few years, they have proved they can match up with anybody in the country.

This was a good team win for Butler; somebody stepped up every time they needed a big play.  This win will give Butler some confidence going into conference and there is no telling where this team will go in the post season.

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