Jim Boeheim’s Milestone Shows What Should Be Done In College Basketball

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There are no records in college basketball that top reaching 900 wins as a coach, so for Jim Boeheim, it was a special night this week when his Syracuse Orange beat the Detroit Titans to get Boeheim win number 900. Boeheim is only the third coach to hit this mark and as a sports fan, I’m very pleased that Boeheim did this at just one school.

There have been way too many coaching changes where coaches have a successful program, only to leave for a bigger job and fall flat on their face. It is way too common and to see Boeheim complete this journey at Syracuse is something that all fans should cherish. Boeheim has only one national championship from ten years ago, and while people will say that is not enough championships when you have been at a school for as long as Boeheim has, it is still a testament of longevity.

I wish more coaches would do what Boeheim has done, and stay at one school for their entire coaching career. The game of college basketball would be a better game with coaches staying in one place, and everyone knows who is coaching where, instead of a game of musical chairs every single season. Who knows how long Boeheim will stay at Syracuse before deciding to retire, but it is a fairly sure bet that Boeheim will get to the 1,000 win mark before his time to go. College basketball fans should be thanking Boeheim and coaches like him every day.

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