Providence College Hoops Team Honors Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims With Jerseys

By Ben Grimaldi
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If there’s one thing we should know about the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut last week, it’s that it will never be forgotten. Too many athletes and team’s have made sure of that. We’ve seen tribute after tribute for the school and the people that died in the horrific massacre last week and tonight they were honored once again.

The Providence College basketball team took the court tonight and had not one but two tributes to the victims. First, they blocked off 26 seats at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, the number of those who passed away from the shootings last week.

The Friars team also wore jerseys with ‘Sandy Hook’ written on the back of them, instead of the players names.

Providence head coach Ed Cooley set the tribute in motion by calling the jersey manufacturer from Nike and requesting the green uniforms with ‘Sandy Hook’ on the back. The Friars usually wear black and white.

Cooley told the Providence Journal, “I can’t thank Nike enough because we felt we had to do  something to acknowledge what those people are going through in  Connecticut.”

It’s at times like these where athletes and athletics are at their best. They use their powers to the best of their abilities and in this situation, honoring those people who’s lives have been taken so senselessly brings back faith that there are good people in this world. When tragedies like Newtown happen, it doesn’t always seem that way.

I am from Providence, Rhode Island and grew up a PC Friars fan. I couldn’t be prouder of a a coach, a school or a community for what they did tonight.

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