The Luckiest Team in the SEC

By Taylor Sturm
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The South Carolina Gamecocks are the luckiest team in the SEC. They do not deserve to be 6-3. The only good teams they have played all season, Saint John’s and Clemson, dominated them. Their third loss was to Elon (who?). Yes, the Elon Pheonix, hailing from the power conference known as the Southern Conference, defeated the South Carolina Gamecocks of the measly SEC. But as everyone knows, a team from the Southern Conference should defeat a team from the SEC. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. South Carolina is a team that, despite looking good on paper, shames the SEC with its pitiful play.

The South Carolina Gamecocks have had two overtime wins to start the season and they were not against great teams, or even mid level teams, but bad teams. The Gamecocks won in overtime against the Missouri State Bears and the Milwaukee Panthers. They have zero victories over teams expected to make it into the NCAA tournament, and once SEC play starts will be crushed by the better teams.

South Carolina must step up their play defensively if they want to compete in the SEC. Their defense is lackluster and their offense looks great, but offense will not win games in the SEC. The Gamecocks are not ready to compete at the level of the SEC this far into the season. They look like a team that plays one-on-one rather than as a team. Unless South Carolina turns things around, there is a possibility of them losing nearly all of their SEC games.

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