James Michael McAdoo is Putting to Much Pressure on Himself

By Anthony Lenahan
Brendan Maloney-USA Today Sports

Coming into the season, North Carolina was a team full of young talent.  Carolina’s young talent was centered around the most talented, James Michael McAdoo.

Last season McAdoo got off to a slow start in his college career, but was able to pick up his play throughout the season and he transitioned into a fantastic 6th man.

When McAdoo announced he was going to come back to Chapel Hill for his sophomore season, he knew he would have to be the star for a young Carolina team.

He showed signs of greatness at the end of last season, but that wasn’t with all of the attention on him.

Going from being the 6th man last season to the teams go to player this season has been a difficult transition for the UNC forward so far this season.

McAdoo’s numbers aren’t terrible, but he seems to be trying to do to much for his team and it is hurting UNC in the long run.

He averages just over 15 points and 8 rebounds a game which are good numbers for the best player on a team, but his numbers could be so much better.

McAdoo shoots just 47% from the field and as a big man that is not very good.  Being a forward you are taking mid-range jump shots, which he is very good at, and shots in the paint.  You should be able to make more than half of those shots as a premier college basketball player.

He is forcing too many shots that are contested and low percentage shots when he can work the ball around for a better shot.  McAdoo is just trying to do to much of the offensive end and it is leading him to forcing up bad shots.

Also he is missing to many easy baskets.  It seems he misses a contested lay up, but a very makeable one and one that should be made almost every game.  By doing this, he is costing his team easy points that they should have had.

When McAdoo works hard to get the ball down low and goes up strong to draw a foul, he throws his hard work away at the foul line.  Shooting 65% from the charity strike is not going to cut it for a player who shoots as many free throws as he does.

Another way McAdoo is killing his team is the turnover department.  He averages 3 turnovers a game for a person who catches the ball on the block and either turns and shoots or kicks it back out.

This is just another example of him trying to force his way to the basket and getting stripped or trying to make a spectacular pass instead of the easy pass.

Overall, McAdoo is having a good year, but he is putting way to much pressure on himself to be the go to player.  If he settles down and finds a rhythm like he did last season, he can turn Carolina’s season around.

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