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New College Basketball Conference Brings Questions

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past week, there has been more talk and action on conference realignments and teams leaving conferences. The seven Catholic universities in the Big East Conference all decided to head out on their own to make their own conference in 2015. It is well-known that the Big East is falling apart but I was surprised that all seven schools decided to leave at the same time.

The biggest question to me is who else will go to this new conference as they will retain an automatic NCAA Tournament slot. There are many choices out there like the Butler Bulldogs that seem to make sense but I believe the biggest thing here is reducing travel some and the fact that the Big East was losing teams left and right.

That fact lowered the conference’s viability as a power conference and made the move easier to make. I would love to know what other things this new conference has in mind. Will there be no games on Sundays being more of a religious group of universities? Does the conference just stick with other schools like the seven that are in now?

I’m very intrigued to see where this conference goes and who else joins it. I want to see five more schools get in so the conference has 12 members which is a tidy 22-game conference schedule playing each team home-and-home. I don’t like seeing this much movement happening with college athletics but this is the rare case where I understand the thoughts about it. I know that no matter what, it will be a very competitive conference to be in.

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