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North Carolina May Be Headed to the NIT if They Keep up Defensive Struggles

Brendan Maloney-USA Today Sports

It is early in the season to be thinking about postseason play, but if North Carolina continues to struggle in major aspects of the game night after night, they may be headed back to the NIT.

North Carolina got off to a pretty good start of the season by winning their first four games, but that didn’t help out the Tar Heels because it was against inferior competition.

Once UNC faced a good team in Butler, the wheels fell off for Carolina.  Ever since the Tar Heels got basically embarrassed by the Bulldogs, they have not been able to bounce back.

They have played three quality teams the whole season and have gotten beat by all three.  In all three, Carolina got beat pretty handily too, if not for some late comeback attempts in two of the three games, all three could have turned into blow outs.

Carolina’s biggest problem has been their defense.  After getting off to a 4-0 start, Carolina has given up 78 points per game in their next 7 games in which they are 4-3.

78 points is an absurd amount of points to let up per game in college basketball.  There is zero chance of having a successful season if you are continuously giving up that many points.

In those seven games Carolina has lost to Butler, Indiana, and Texas while beating East Carolina, Chaminade, UAB, and East Tennessee State.

As you can see, the three loses game to three quality teams and the four wins came against easy opponents.  Those four wins may be victories when it comes to standings, but they were not played by a winning basketball team.

A majority of the seven games came against weak opponents and Carolina still has allowed 78 points per game in their current 7 game stretch.

How can you give up that amount of points to such weak opponents and then expect to play great against quality teams.  Carolina has learned the hard way that you can’t do that.

After letting up a 61 point second half to East Carolina in their previous game, the Tar Heels go out and follow it up by letting up 85 points to a Texas team playing with out their best player.

If Carolina doesn’t step it up on the defensive end, they may be headed back to the NIT.  In a couple of weeks, conference play will be starting and you can not be giving up that many points to ACC basketball teams.

The Tar Heels need to turn things around before their season turns ugly.