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Top 10 Things The SEC Wants for Christmas

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The Top Things the SEC Wants for Christmas

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T’was the month before SEC play, and all through the league, not a top team was stirring, which one will it be? The coaches were dreaming of wins asleep in their beds, while visions of the big dance went ‘round in their heads.

The SEC is in need of help from a big man from the North Pole dressed in red. The SEC has taken many hits the last few weeks. There are no longer any undefeated teams left in the conference. A conference, in which to start the year the best teams looked to be the Florida Gators and the Kentucky Wildcats, is led by the Missouri Tigers, the LSU Tigers, and the Ole Miss Rebels. The SEC, and the way its top teams have played the last few weeks, looks as if they may not have a title contender this year. Teams that once seemed like a lock for March Madness, now look like they may struggle into the NIT best case scenario. The SEC is struggling on all fronts.

The SEC needs help. It has been many years since so many SEC teams were so consistent after beginning the season with such high expectations. The beginning of this season has been nothing except disappointing for fans of the SEC.

Whether it is a Christmas miracle that leads these teams to turn things around, or excellent coaching, one thing is for sure: Coaches around the league are making their schedules, and checking them twice, thinking that making it to the NCAA tournament would be pretty nice. So here are the top ten things on the SEC Christmas list:

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No. 10 The Return of Jalen Steele

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

All Mississippi State fans want for Christmas is the return of Jalen Steele. He should return shortly before the start of


play and is one of the best players in the league.

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No. 9 The Return of Jeronne Maymon

Jeronne Maymon
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

This Christmas, Tennessee Volunteers fans should receive the return of All-SEC player Jeronne Maymon who is expected to play in the first SEC game of the season.

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No. 8 Georgia to Remain Consistent

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia has lost some close games and has some of the worst luck in the SEC. But sometimes the Bulldogs look like they could beat anybody in the country. Hopefully, Santa brings them some luck.

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No. 7 Kentucky to Start Winning Again

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky wants to be the top team in the SEC again for Christmas. The Wildcats are going to be disappointed Christmas morning, but, if Kentucky continues to improve, it is a dream that is not far away at all.

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No. 6 Tennessee to Start Playing Offense

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What Cuonzo Martin wants for Christmas is for Tennessee to start playing like one of the most explosive offenses in the country, rather than a team that looks like it’s trying to avoid losing.

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No. 5 Someone to Stop Missouri

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Ole Miss, and all the other good SEC teams do not want Missouri to keep winning. How embarrassing would it be for a new team to be the best team in the conference the first year? Missouri play UCLA December 28, and I’m predicting an upset. Merry Christmas, SEC.

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No. 4 The Real Alabama Crimson Tide Back

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Anybody remember when Alabama looked unstoppable and Florida’s only challenge in the SEC? After a loss to Mercer, the Crimson Tide is falling apart faster than Christmas spirit on December 26.

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No. 3 Florida's Bench to Step Up

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Billy Donovan needs to give his bench a big box of confidence this Christmas. It’s the only thing keeping Florida from being the best team in the country. Everyone knows Kenny Boynton and Patric Young are talented; the other players need to show that they are too.

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No. 2 LSU's Dream Run to Continue

Crystal Logiudice-USA TODAY Sports

LSU is tied for first place in the SEC, much to everyone’s surprise. The Tigers should be rebuilding, but instead they continue to improve. Only a miracle could keep them on a path to the tournament.

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No. 1 A Clear Number One Team in the SEC

SEC Top Team
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What the SEC needs most for Christmas, is a top team that proves its superiority over the others. The SEC needs a potential national title contender; a team that other teams are scared to play.