Fifth Grader, Julian Newman Playing High School Varisty Basketball (Video)

By Anthony Lenahan
Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

Julian Newman is a fifth grader who lives in Orlando, Florida.  He is in fifth grade, but is the starting point guard for Downey Christian High School coached by his dad.

Yes, a fifth grader playing varsity basketball and starting, that is unbelievable.

The 4 foot 5 inch point guard is not on the team because his dad is the coach, he actually has the talent and skills to not only compete, but dominate his competition.

In three varsity starts for Downey Christian, the young stud is averaging a remarkable 12 points and 11 assists.  A fifth grader averaging a double-double in high school basketball, how often do you hear that?

I don’t care if the competition he is playing against is “bad” the kid is 4 foot 5 and in fifth grade and is dominating kids who are 7 years older than him.

Newman does things with the basketball that kids his age just shouldn’t be allowed to do.  He has better handles than almost every single high school basketball player and passes like Rajon Rondo.

In fifth grade you are looking up to the varsity athletes in your town as heroes and for Julian, he gets to be one of those heroes for 7  more years after this year.

I have never heard of a kid this young playing varsity basketball, nor did I think it was possible to do, but Newman is doing it and doing it well.

This kid can flat out ball and don’t be surprised if you hear his name in the long run at the top of the charts.

Check out his video:

P.S. Take some notes!!




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