There Should Be No College Basketball on Christmas

By Andy Schmidt
Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

There are few things that I feel should be on television on Christmas Day. There should be Christmas movies, marathons of TV shows and some professional basketball. What I found on TV on Christmas night shocked me some with college basketball in Hawaii and the Diamond Head Classic. I can understand pros playing on the holiday but college kids who don’t get to go home for the holidays and have to spend it in Hawaii actually playing games?

It does sound like I don’t know the idea of going to Hawaii but that’s not my point. My feeling is that the college sports season should take a hiatus for the two days before and two days after Christmas. This would allow the players to go home to spend some time with their friends and family and aren’t forced to a tournament in Hawaii. I love the idea of Hawaii in the winter, it’s warm and there isn’t snow anywhere but I just wish things were different in this aspect.

I’ve never been a fan of having college games on Thanksgiving either but every year, more and more of the games that were never done on the holidays are being played. It just sounds to me that there is no rest for the players anymore. It’s a shame though as I’m sure some of those players would have loved to have gone home or if there was real lucky, their families went to Hawaii with them. That sounds like a great Christmas however if that happened but I don’t see it happening much. Let’s just go back to no college athletics around Christmas, give the kids a break.

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