Herb Pope Arrested for Pulling a Gun on Bar Owner

By Anthony Lenahan
The Star-Ledger-USA Today Sports

Herb Pope, a former Seton Hall forward was arrested for allegedly pulling out a gun on a bar owner in a Pittsburgh-area bar.  The incident was said to have occurred at the Colonial Grill which is just a few miles from Pope’s home town.

He would spend the night in jail, but no other details have been released about his future or about the incident.

Pope graduated from Seton Hall last year, but was not drafted or signed by an NBA team.  Instead he decided to take his talents overseas and signed with Bnei Hasharon Herzliya, a member of the Isreal Basketball Super League.

He signed the deal over five months ago, but ironically has not played since December 3rd.  No injury has been reported or reason as to why Pope left the team as he was averaging 10 points and 5 rebounds in just under 20 minutes a game.

Pope has had a few other incidents dealing with the police, that would lead you to believe Pope would do such a thing like this.

In his freshman year of college, Pope was at New Mexico State where he was arrested with a DUI charge.  He was also almost killed in high school when he was shot twice, once in the lower abdomen and once in his lower arm.

Two years ago, Pope almost passed away when he collapsed post-workout and his heart stopped beating.

As you can see, Pope has been involved in a couple of incidents, some not his fault, but also a couple of serious mistakes.

He has a lot of life left and still has talent on the basketball court that he can use to help turn his life around.

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