Atlantic 10 Conference Mid-Season Player of the Year: Ramon Galloway, La Salle

By Mike Gillmeister
Howard Smith – US Presswire


Conference play is closing in on the NCAA men’s basketball season and there are a handful of players who are already in good position for conference POY consideration.

The La Salle Explorers have a number of players who can score but Ramon Galloway is currently the best player on this team for contributing to the team in so many more ways than simply scoring in bunches. Aside from leading the entire Atlantic 10 Conference with 18 points per-game, Galloway also leads the Explorers in assists (3.7) and steals (2.5) per-game, all while shooting over 45-percent from 3-point range.

Aside from shooting below 35-percent in three games, Galloway shoots at a high clip despite taking most of his shots from beyond the arc.

Galloway also shows end-to-end hustle for the entire game, a trait so infectious it can be one of the biggest rally-starters a player can have in their arsenal.

One of the biggest knocks on Galloway, though, is his lack of a more complete offensive game. He lives outside the paint, which makes his free-throw shooting feast or famine.

In order for Galloway to survive in the beast that is the A-10, he’ll need to get to the rack a lot more and find a way to draw more fouls. As it is, Galloway only shoots 76-percent at the line while not even reaching three free-throw attempts per-game. That stat is flawed, though, because Galloway has four games of perfect FT-shooting under his belt this season. Conversely, though, Galloway also has seven games of no more than three attempts at the line.

Tyreek Duren runs the offense but Galloway attracts too much defensive attention to let his offensive game go to waste.

Galloway also has a stout defensive game for a 6-foot-3 guard, averaging 4.5 rebounds to go along with the aforementioned steals.

The Butler Bulldogs also boast a potential A-10 POY in Arkansas Razorbacks transfer Rotnei Clarke, whose stats almost mirror that of Galloway.

Clarke takes almost all of his shots from 3-point range and is border-line disastrous when he does anything but. He also has seven fewer free-throw attempts in two fewer games than Galloway and has a higher turnover rate.

What’s also hurting Clarke’s POY chances at this point in the season is the fact that he’s proven himself to be a pure scorer with no interest in showing any skill in any other part of the game.

At this point on the season, Galloway is a big reason for La Salle’s success because he’s a dead-eye shooter that rebounds, plays defense and finds his teammates for better scoring opportunities. Not many other players are even close to doing it as well as the Explorers senior.

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