Best SEC Opener: Missouri Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

By Taylor Sturm


Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

SEC league play begins on Tuesday, January 8. The season starts with a bang where the high powered Missouri Tigers offense takes on the inconsistent Alabama Crimson Tide.

Missouri will go into the start of the SEC season on a high. Despite losing in overtime to UCLA, Missouri is still ranked the highest in the SEC. Phil Pressey’s passing ability, highlighted by his SEC record breaking 19 assist game against UCLA, will shred through Alabama’s defense. This Missouri team is primed to make a big impact in the SEC. It will be interesting to see how the Tigers respond.

Alabama will go into this game needing a marquee win more than any other team in the conference. After a great start to the season, Alabama has lost five games on the season. Still the favorite in the SEC West, it is time for the Crimson Tide to step up and show why that they are favorites. Trevor Releford and Trevor Lacy will be itching to show up Pressey to prove their worth. Alabama’s two Trevors are the best duo in the SEC and will give the Missouri defense a really tough time.

Alabama and Missouri are more alike than many people realize. Missouri’s fast offense meets Alabama’s fast offense. The winner of this game will be decided by which team’s big men can do the most. And with the poor recent play by Alex Oriakhi, Alabama seems to have an advantage. Unless Phil Pressey pulls out something spectacular, and he did against UCLA and Missouri still lost, the Tigers will lose. Alabama wants this more and I’m not sure Missouri has the will to take it from them.

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