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High School Sophomore Victor Dukes Throws Down One of the Nicest Dunks You’ll Ever See (Video)

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Brace yourself and get ready to watch one of the nicest dunks you will ever see and it was by a sophomore in high school.  Victor Dukes is a 6-foot-3 guard at Nettleton High School in Arkansas.  He will defiantly be getting the national spotlight with this dunk and will have coaches calling him.

Prepare yourself for a dunk that should be made into a poster and watch it right here:

You may have had to watch it a couple of times because you didn’t believe what you saw the first time, but yes, that did happen in real life.

It doesn’t even seem real.  How can someone jump that high and then dunk that hard?  It isn’t fair.  Not one person will try to step in and defend that aggressiveness and the one guy who did learned his lesson the hard way as he was injured on the play.

The more amazing part about this, is that Dukes isn’t even a top 200 recruit for his class.  A kid with that athleticism and that much talent, not even to be a top recruit, that is crazy.

This dunk will certainly help get Dukes name out on the market and coaches will definitely want to see more of this kid.

I mean this dunk wasn’t just a good dunk, it was a great dunk and the fact that it was by a sophomore in high school makes it even better.  Get this kid in a couple dunk contests and let him show off his talent.

Victor Dukes, sign him up.

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