Mississippi State's Season is Over

By Taylor Sturm
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It was easy at the beginning of the season to blame the Mississippi State Bulldog’s woes on the loss of Jalen Steele and other key players. Steele was too great of a player to not devastate a team like his loss has, but Mississippi State were still not expected to be the worst team in the SEC. That was until the Bulldogs lost against Alabama A&M.

Not to take anything away from Alabama A&M, who played a fantastic game and deserved the victory, but Mississippi State may be one of the worst teams from a major conference in the country. It’s easy to want to give this team every excuse possible, but you just can’t anymore. The Bulldogs had their chances and did not take them.

Mississippi State had an opportunity to turn their season around with a string of victories before the start of SEC play. The Bulldogs did not. Mississippi State could have tried to fight hard until Steele returns and they could start to win again, but they didn’t. This Mississippi State team was expected to be rebuilding, but was not expected to be this bad.

Mississippi State should start looking forward to next season, focus on recruits and training young players. Steele will have to return after missing so much of the season with an injury, so the Bulldogs have a star to continue to build around.  This team is young, so the future is still waiting, but at this rate the Bulldogs have to go into panic mode.

One thing is for sure: Mississippi State’s season is over.

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