Sabatino Chen, Colorado Robbed Against Arizona

By Ryan Darcy
Casey Sapio – USA Today Sports

I guess that’s what I get when I decide to watch a Pac 12 basketball game. I flip on the Colorado Buffaloes and Arizona Wildcats game only to catch the final few seconds of real time. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of either of these two schools, except when Lute Olson was leading the Wildcats, but what I saw transpire right in front of my eyes was something unexplainable.

Colorado guard Sabatino Chen, whose name has to be trending on Twitter, banked in a three-pointer at the buzzer to give Colorado the win over third-ranked Arizona, 83-80. It was a bang-bang play and I knew it would get reviewed by the officials. I thought it had to be good, the angles and replays on television over and over showed what the officials in real time were forced to review—that the shot was good.

Colorado was the winner. Or were they? The officials overturned the made basket and the game went to overtime, which is exactly when I turned it off. Why? Because the luster of such an awesome finish had worn off. Replay clearly showed, to fans at home, that the shot was good. When the officials waived it off, it was clear that Chen and the Buffaloes were robbed.

Did I question the call? Yes I did, but did I lose sleep over it? No. It simply ruined an awesome finish to just another college basketball game.

Oh, and Arizona won the game in overtime, 92-83, after the fact.

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