The Pac-12 Should Reverse The Refs And Give The Colorado Buffaloes A Win

By michaelcronin
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Paging Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott.

What happened last night in Tucson was yet another example egregious college officiating but really was even worse than that for one simple reason.

It DIRECTLY led to the difference between a win and loss for the Colorado Buffaloes.

If you didn’t see it by now, and I don’t know how you couldn’t, the officials wiped off a three by Colorado senior Sabatino Chen that appeared to leave his hand with 0.01 seconds on the clock.

Sure it was close, and obviously needed to be reviewed, but I could tell both on a standard definition TV and on a “WatchESPN” stream that it was good. How come they couldn’t on the court side monitor?

Oh, and you know that theory you don’t overturn a call unless you have “indisputable video evidence”? Apparently the refs didn’t get the memo.

One of the officials on the floor even called it a three live! That should have made the ruling an easy one… wrong.

Obviously, Colorado would go on to lose the game in overtime despite dominating for 35 minutes of regulation. This isn’t a powerhouse squad that is expected to walk into the NCAA tournament. They are a bubble team. One win, especially to a highly ranked team on the road, can make the difference.

Since this was the final play of regulation, I see no reason why the conference can’t step in and make this right. Don’t give me the “integrity of the officials” crap. They lost that the minute they waved the bucket off. You are talking about the integrity of the whole sport right now.

I don’t care about Vegas, I don’t gamble, but I imagine I’d be angry if I lost money because of this farcical ruling. However, that’s obviously not why I’m writing this piece. I’m writing because this is a clear injustice.

Colorado AND Arizona Wildcats fans should be calling the Pac-12’s offices in Walnut Creek, California to demand this is made right. Sometimes the sport is bigger than your team Wildcats fans. Plus, you won’t need this win. Your team is stacked!

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