Big East: Catholic Seven Hire Law Firm and May Leave in 2014

By Joseph Nardone
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Catholic Seven doesn’t want to waste another second in the abomination of a conference that is still called the Big East. Representatives from the seven universities met Friday in New York to discuss the future of their new conference. In a statement released by the schools on why they met Friday was to discuss,“our orderly evolution to a foundation of basketball schools that continues to honor the history and tradition on which the Big East was established.”

They also revealed in the statement that the Catholic Seven has hired a law firm, Proskauer Rose LLP and Pilson Communications, Inc. The hiring of the firm was done more so for negotiating a TV deal than trying to wiggle out of the Big East early.

The seven private schools are still under contract with the Big East for 27 more months but conference commissioner Mike Aresco has stated that there is a way for both sides to come to agreement for them to leave by 2014. For a man who isn’t going to have a single team he signed up for to actually look over, Aresco seems to be taking all of this in stride. Here is Aresco’s statement concerning possible early departures by the Catholic Seven:

“As commissioner of the entire conference, our intention is to get this done as quickly as possible and as amicably as possible. We’ll figure our what each side needs, we’ll negotiate it and figure our a fair resolution. Everybody feels that’s in the best interest of each conference going forward. … They had their reasons for doing this and we obviously would have liked for them to have stayed, but they were concerned about the winds of realignment and a lot of that was football driven. But there are long-term relationships that have been strong and everybody wants to figure this out. It’s not an easy situation. On the other hand, if you take it a day at a time, an issue at a time and everyone stays calm and deliberate about it, it will work out. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

The Catholic Seven are expected to at least recruit three more “basketball” schools, in the hopes of forming a 10 team basketball conference.

This is still pretty early on in the Catholic Seven’s new venture out of the Big East. It’s going to be interesting to see which programs they try to lure to join them while searching for a new picture-box deal. The key for the future of whatever they choose to call their conference will be the TV deal.

Stay here for more updates as we continue to track the journey of the Catholic Seven. Hopefully, for the sake of a quick Big East death(put them out of their misery), the Catholic Seven escape the Big East as soon as possible and start in the rebuilding of a once proud basketball conference, even if it’s in a new name.


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