College Basketball Should Remove Replay if Officials Can't Get It Right

By Andy Schmidt
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

There have been some interesting things going on in college basketball lately.

There is one thing that caught my attention more than anything and that was the blown call that cost the Colorado Buffaloes a victory on the road against the Arizona Wildcats. It was quite clear that the final shot of regulation was out of the shooter’s hand before the clock hit zero and even after a review, the officials claimed that it wasn’t. Colorado would lose in overtime.

We later learned that the officials weren’t even looking at a high-definition monitor to make their call. If you go from a standard TV to a HD signal, things can look much different to the naked eye. If the officials could have seen a HD monitor, maybe the right call is made.

The thing that came out of this was Colorado coach Tad Boyle wants replay banned if the officials can’t get the call right with it. I don’t blame Boyle one bit for being upset over this because it could cost his team a postseason berth down the line.

There is no doubt that replay is there to get the call right if it is in dispute at the end of the game. If the officials can’t get it right even after looking at it several times, then maybe replay should go away. There has been a lot of human error in college games this week and it is bad for the professionalism of the sport.

I’m a big fan of replay and the technology is there to fix any major problems that would eliminate most human errors so why not use it? If the replay can’t be used right, the time may have come to get rid of it.

Andy Schmidt is a columnist/writer for RantSports. Follow him on Twitter @ASchmidtSports or like his Facebook page.

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