C.J. McCollum out 8-10 Weeks With a Broken Bone in Left Foot

By Anthony Lenahan
Kevin Jairaj-USA Today Sports

One of if not the best players in college basketball and Lehigh’s star guard, C.J. McCollum is expected to miss 8 to 10 weeks due to a broken bone in his left foot which he suffered in Lehigh’s loss to Virginia Commonwealth yesterday.

The estimated time for an injury of this nature is 8-10 weeks, but Lehigh coach Brett Reed said yesterday that he will not return until they are confident he is 100% recovered.

McCollum was leading the nation in scoring with 23.9 points per game on a Mountain Hawk team he led in their unexpected upset of Duke in last year’s NCAA tournament.

Imagine being Lehigh and knowing you are going to have to replace the play of the leading scorer in the country for over two months.  It isn’t like they are loaded with top recruits, this is a team that relies heavily on one player in McCollum.

A devastating blow for Lehigh, but it is also a terrible loss for all of college basketball.  You never want to see a star player, let alone the nation’s leading scorer suffer an injury of this caliber.

McCollum has a bright future ahead of him after college basketball in the NBA, but this injury might hold back that dream.  Any injury can ruin a players career, especially one to this nature.

He should be able to return and get back on the court healthy and back to his dominating ways, but you never know.  When a player gets hurt this bad, there is that chance they can never fully recover.

This injury may affect the chances of Lehigh making it back to the big dance in search of another huge upset.

All they can do is McCollum is able to come back at 100% and guide them through their conference tournament.

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