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Michigan State’s Branden Dawson Didn’t Throw Punch Against Purdue Boilermakers

Mike Carter – USA TODAY Sports Images

For the record, Michigan State’s Branden Dawson did not throw a punch at Purdue’s Travis Carroll during their game on Saturday afternoon.

I watched the video footage of it and I must be going blind big time if I missed the moment where Dawson attempted his best Rocky impersonation.

The Big Ten looked at the video footage as well and saw no conclusive evidence either. Dawson is in the clear and that is the way it should be.

Dawson talked about the situation on earlier this week and he explained what happened during the game.

“Travis Carroll, he came down, and he latched into me and kind of bumped me,” Dawson said in the interview. “The ball went through the net, and he kept going. Our arms got tangled, and I kind of smacked down. We kind of had some words, and our guys were talking toward each other, so it got kind of chippy.”

That is understandable. It’s college basketball. The game is physical and emotions will flare a bit in the heat of battle.

But Dawson didn’t throw a punch at anyone. End of story.

“With Purdue and their fans, it was just crazy because I wouldn’t do anything to hurt anyone,” Dawson added in the interview. I was just kind of bummed out about it.”

Dawson doesn’t have anything to feel bad about. He didn’t throw a punch, unless you count the 14 points and 11 rebounds he tallied in the Spartans’ 84-61 win over the Boilermakers.

All Dawson did on Saturday was help the Spartans win a basketball game.

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