Skylar McBee Has to Start Hitting Threes if the Tennessee Volunteers Want to Start Winning Again

By Taylor Sturm
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Skylar McBee was a walk-on that nobody in the country had ever heard of until almost all of Tennessee’s team was suspended and the Volunteers defeated the No. 1 undefeated Kansas Jayhawks because of his spectacular three point shooting. Yeah – Tennessee defeated No. 1. Remember when Tennessee was capable of things like that? With that performance, McBee went from an expected bench warmer to an important member of the Volunteers in one game. He continued to be an enormous asset to Tennessee. However, this season, when he’s expected to perform, he’s not come through.

At the beginning of the season, teammates of McBee were saying that he was the best three point shooter in the SEC. He looked that way on the preseason tour of Italy. But once the season started, his shooting percentage deteriorated. His shooting percentage is nearly 10% less than it has been for his entire career and is really hurting the Volunteers winning percentage.

In games, McBee hits shots on the run, he hits clutch shots and he hits shots when guarded. However, he never hits open threes anymore – even the corner of the arc where he hit everything last year. Just a suggestion for Cuonzo Martin: Every time McBee goes to shoot, put Kenny Hall in his face and guard him like he’s on the other team. Put some pressure on him. Lie and say that there are only thirty seconds left in the game and hide the game clock. Because when he is WIDE open he misses. Something has to be done, because if a team is not worried about McBee hitting threes, they can focus on Jarnell Stokes, shutting down any hope Tennessee has of a game down-low – essentially shutting down Tennessee’s offense.

So if Tennessee wants to start winning, McBee has to revert back to the old three point shooting ace he was last year. McBee is no longer just an extra source of points; he’s a crucial member of the team. If McBee can start hitting from range, look out for Tennessee as the season goes along.

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