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The 20 Best NCAA Basketball Uniforms

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Jim Brown - US Presswire

The old saying goes, "It doesn't matter if you win or lose but how you play the game," has been around for ages. I always heard my mom say this every time I would lose a basketball game, t-ball game or a tennis match. I really hated hearing this for one reason it didn't help much when you lost and when you won well it didn't really matter much. The past few nights I have watched the High School Musical movies, all of them, with my family. See I work at a library and get to check out movies so my 11 year old son asked me to check out all the High School Musical ones. I'm not sure why he likes them so much, it might be because he thinks the girl is cute or he loves basketball and singing. All I know is that the basketball uniforms they are wearing are sweet looking and they never seem to sweat in them after playing a game, practicing in them or even dancing in them.

It made me to wonder if the old saying really should be, "It doesn't matter if you win or lose the game but how you look doing it. I mean come on now you want to look good in a basketball uniform don't you? Don't you want to impress the other team with how fashion looking you are? I might not be the perfect guy to give you my choice of the top 20 best uniforms in NCAA Men's basketball but I can sure try. I not a fashion guru but I know one thing about looking good in a uniform. I used to have to wear one while working at Walmart and Staples plus when I played basketball we got to wear those short shorts.

So sit back, enjoy the ride and invite your wife or girlfriend to join you as you dive into the top 20 best uniforms in the NCAA. Just think you can be able to watch every basketball game you want because your wife or girlfriend can determine if your team or the team they are playing look good in their uniforms. So here you go.

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Don McPesk - US Presswire

Number 20: The Mercer bears. The black, orange and white uniform is classy. This player has his swag going on and his uniform doesn't even look wrinkled. I have even been to one of their home games once.

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Jim O"Connor - US Presswire

Number 19: DePaul I really like the candy cane blocks on the jersey and shorts. The blue and red look is in style.

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Rick Osentoski - US Presswire

Number 18: Iowa Hawkeyes The black and yellow look is in for 2013. These uniforms stand out on the court and can be very intimidating. This player's bread even matches his jersey.

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Seton Hall

Joe Camporeale - US Presswire

Number 17: Seton Hall This is one of my favorite blue and white uniforms. The letters and numbers really stand out.

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Frank Victores - US Presswire

Number 16: Vanderbilt. The black and gold uniforms are a eye catcher. What I like the most is the star and the V on the shorts.

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Mark Zerof - US Presswire

Number 15: Marshall Thundering Herd. These uniforms are sweet.: Black, white and green. The colors go well together and the numbers really stand out. This player loves his uniform so much he is showing it off to everyone.

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Bob Donnan - US Presswire

Number 14: Butler Bulldogs. One of my son's favorite teams. I dig the black and white uniform and the bulldog on the shorts. I was a bulldog in college and always wanted to own one. Anyways, these uniforms are just right and original.

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Marco Garcia - US Presswire

Number 13: Hawaii I would love to own one of these uniforms. I love the font style on the jersey and how the numbers are. The colors are sweet like rainbows. Well that's their team name anyways.

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San Diego State

Christopher Hanewinckel - US Presswire

Number 12: San Diego State Words cannot express these uniforms but the smile on this player can. He loves his uniform and he knows he looks good even if he doesn't score one basket.

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John Rieger - US Presswire

Number 11: Kansas Jayhawks </ These are the sweetest blue, white and red uniforms around. Just take a look at Ben McLemore, he has his swag on and this was after he saved the day for the Jayhawks. I'm a little bias here because I own a Kansas jersey and wear it on almost every game day.

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Oklahoma State

Peter Casey - US Presswire

Number 10: Oklahoma State. These uniforms, especially the black ones, are out of this world. I love the black and orange look plus the Cowboys written down the shorts make these uniforms in the top 10.

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East Carolina

Spruce Derden - US Presswire

Number 9: East Carolina. These uniforms are one of my wife's favorites. She loves purple and you will notice that many in the top 10 are purple uniforms. This player knows that even after a hard fought struggle you can look good.

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Jamie Rhodes - US Presswire

Number 8: Providence. This is the sweetest black and white uniforms I have ever seen. They would look good on anyone, so go purchase your boss one today.

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David Kohl - US Presswire

Number 7: Cincinnati. This is my wife's favorite uniform. She loves the claw marks on the shorts and the black and red look.

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Crystal Logiudice - US Presswire

Number 6: LSU Tigers. I'm speechless on these uniforms. I think these are the best SEC uniforms. The gold and purple say a lot to opposing teams, like hey my uniform is better than your uniform.

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Steve Dykes - US Presswire

Number 5: Oregon Ducks. The uniforms speak for themselves, Quack, Quack. These green and yellow uniforms match the court and the ducks become like chameleons. Their shoes, which i would love to have a pair, and even their socks match their uniform.

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Rob Kinnan - US Presswire

Number 4: DUKE.Even these fans have a Duke jersey on so what are you waiting for. The black and blue uniform is exactly what the Blue Devils are doing to their opposing teams this season.

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Kansas State

Peter G. Aiken - US Presswire

Number 3:Kansas State Wildcats. Are they sweating or is that the way their uniform looks? My wife loves these uniforms and told me to make them number one, not. The purple, black and wicked white are sweet looking but not the best uniform in the nation.

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Kim Klement - US Presswire

Number 2: Syracuse. These orange uniforms match there team name, the Orangemen. That is exactly what they are from head to toe. Even their coach will wear a matching tie and they even drink orange Gatorade out of a orange cooler.

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Ron Cheney - US Presswire

Drum Roll - the Number One best uniform is the Baylor bears. These dark green and yellow uniforms match the seats, the floor, the baskets and they look good. No other team uniform in my opinion looks better than the Bears. They come right at you on the glass and on the floor. They are sleek, stylish and fashionable. Get yours today.

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